Alcatraz Vs. The Evil Librarians 1 (Brandon Sanderson)

  • Grandmother Cringe Rating (GCR): 1.5
  • Pages: 320
  • Ages: 10+
  • # of books in the series: 5+

Orphaned 13 year old Alcatraz Smedry discovers that he has a special talent, which is to break things. He has broken computers, doors, rocks, appliances, you name it, he once even broke a cat!

Then it gets weird. His grandfather shows up from nowhere and gives him some colored glasses, and fills him in on the Evil Librarians’ plan to rot humanity’s minds with misinformation.

When the Evil Librarians capture his grandfather, Alcatraz must join up with a 13 year old girl warrior and a large man with a talent for falling on the ground, to rescue his grandfather before Alcatraz becomes an orphan, again!

  • Language – Only made up swearing/exclamations (‘shattering glass’, etc)
  • Violence – This book is full of danger as the Evil Librarians and Dark Occulators attack Alcatraz repeatedly throughout the book. One tried to shoot him, but the gun falls apart and he gets hit by a car. One tried to get him with a sword, but gets knocked out. This goes on and on.
  • Sexuality – None

This fantasy story is written in 1st person, with lots of commentary from the author throughout (some might say an annoying amount of commentary, but it really is part of the story).

After hopping from foster home to foster home, young Alcatraz finally learns to let people in instead of keeping them distant, worried they would reject him. He also gains a new perspective on family and the importance of friends.

Kids will enjoy the adventure of discovery, parents will appreciate the lack of sexual filth.

To purchase this book, click Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians (Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians)

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