What is the “Grandmother Cringe Rating”?

Each book is rated based on a well proven method that will erase all concerns of questionable content for you, the parent. It is called the Grandmother Cringe Rating** (picture a grandmother who sits and crochets all day while giving sage advice to her grandkids and telling them they will be wonderful people when they grow up if they will but be nice to small animals when they are little.

Not the Harley Davidson riding, cursing old cuss with a cigar permanently attached to her hand:

Each book is rated as follows:

GCR 1 = Parents Enjoy. You, the parent should have no worries about your kid reading this book in their bedroom. The language is clean, the violence is minimum and the sexual content is nil.

GCR 2 = Parent be aware. Many of these are still good books, but some filth has crept in and you, the parent need to be aware of it. These books will have a few minor swear words, plus some unnecessary violence and sexual references.

GCR 3 = Parent beware. In most cases, parents would be wise to not even have these books in the home. If you find your kids reading them, you may consider taking some time to discuss the content and what they are learning. I will not have much info on these books, since they will reveal themselves early on and I will stop reading them.

*Please note that the GCR is focused on the content, not the story. I think few kids would like to read what grandma reads, but her moral filter can be very helpful in these times of degradation and filth.
**Also (full disclosure), none of these were actually reviewed by a grandmother. Though I have a number of wonderful “grandmothers” in my life, and feel confident that they would agree with the ratings.
***There of course would be a GCR 4, but since those are so full of filth that they would send Grandmother into cardiac arrest, we agreed to not even touch those books.