Infinity Ring 1 A Mutiny in Time (James Dashner)

  • Grandmother Cringe Rating (GCR): 1.5
  • Pages: 192
  • Ages: 8+
  • # of books in the series: 8

Young friends, Dak and Sera, discover Dak’s parents’ newest invention, a time travel device. But on their first time journey with Dak’s parents, they are attacked and have to leave Dak’s parents in the past as they escape.

Then a group called The Historians, captures them and sends them on a mission to fix all the broken historical events (called time breaks) that have caused such destruction in the present.

Their first trip takes them to Spain in 1492 where they have to stop Christopher Columbus’ crew from their mutinous plan of throwing him overboard.

  • Language – None
  • Violence – Sounds of bombs exploding nearby. Kids get kidnapped. A man threatens some kids. Kids participate in a sword and musket battle on a ship, one kids gets thrown overboard. A man grabs the overboard kid around the neck and pulls him underwater to drown him (the kid escapes).
  • Sexuality – None

This is an exciting tale, with endearing characters and serious suspense. Kids will love the adventure and Dak and Sera’s perspectives of the past. Parents will enjoy that too, but also will appreciate the complete lack of filth. It’s a win-win!

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