Nightmares 1 (Jason Segel, Kirsten Miller)

  • Grandmother Cringe Rating (GCR): 1.5
  • Pages: 368
  • Ages: 8+
  • # of books in the series: 3

Following the death of his mother, young Charlie Laird’s father married a woman whom Charlie is sure is a witch. Then they moved into the creepy old mansion that everyone says is haunted. But none of that is as scary as the nightmares in his dreams–and the fact that they seem to be creeping into his waking world.

  • Language – “heck”.
  • Violence – A witch threatens to eat a boy
  • Sexuality – A boy has the hots for his friend’s step mom. A teen boy strips to his boxers to do an obstacle course that inclvolves swimming.
  • Other – Kids face scary beings as they all try to overcome their fears.

Nightmares is a creative tale that tells how a few youngster overcome their fears in order to save the world. Kids will enjoy the author’s imagination and really connect with the characters. Parents will appreciate the lack of filth and lessons taught of working together to overcome fears.

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