Renegades 1 (Marissa Meyer)

  • Grandmother Cringe Rating (GCR): 2
  • Pages: 576
  • Ages: 16+
  • # of books in the series: 2

In a world where people with super-powers were shunned, one man fought back until society crashed. A group of superheroes saved the world and started to rule it in equity . . . But is it truly any better than before?

Told from the perspective of a teen girl with super powers, who grew up in a family who fought the current superhero government, and Nova has every reason to take it down. But when she goes undercover and works closely with a boy who believes in justice and in doing good . . . And they may just have a crush on each other . . .

  • Language – “Hell”, “a**”
  • Violence – A 6 year old girl watches in the shadows as her parents are shot, blood is sprayed against the wall. She then hides and hears her baby sister crying until another gunshot silences her. A teen girl is sent to assassinate a superhero by shooting him in the eye (his only vulnerable spot) with a poisoned dart, she misses and hits his temple. The story is told of a baby who was thrown off a bridge by his parents because of his superpowers, though he was rescued by the superheroes. Various battles with guns, bombs, fire, gas, etc.–some people are killed in the battles. A teen shoots and kills a woman who used to be her ally but became her enemy
  • Sexuality – Townspeople dress up in cross-dressing costumes. The top two superheroes (both men) are in a homosexual relationship. A bad-guy woman hides out and often wears a negligee. A brief reference to a short affair that resulted in the birth of one of the characters.

With the violence, and two superheroes in a homosexual relationship, parents may consider thinking twice before allowing this book in their home.

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