Spindle Fire 1 (Lexa Hillyer)

  • Grandmother Cringe Rating (GCR): 1.5
  • Pages: 368
  • Ages: 12+
  • # of books in the series: 1+

In this retold-fairytale of Sleeping Beauty, Aurora was not only cursed to die on her 16th birthday, she also was “fairy tithed” her voice and sense of touch at birth. A semi-good fairy changed the death curse to a sleep curse that would only be awakened by love’s true kiss.

Her half sister (referred to as the King’s “bastard daughter”), Isabelle, was “fairy tithed” her sight.

When Isabelle is to be sent to a convent, she runs away instead, and Aurora falls into her deep sleep. Once Isabelle heses about the curse, she seeks out Aurora’s betrothed, hoping he will be able to wake her, despite the fact he has never met her, and he is more into the half sister than his betrothed. Will she be able to rescue Aurora and save the kingdom?

  • Language – One usage of the word “sh**”, Isabelle is referred.to as the King’s “bastard daughter”.
  • Violence – Mainly threats of violence, some with a knife.
  • Sexuality – A girl and boy kiss and their “tongues communicated in a foreign language.” Some passionate kisses. A woman is described as having built her home like the Roman bath houses and taking innumerable lovers of all kinds (men, women, and some that you couldn’t tell which gender).

Though this resembles the fairytale Sleeping Beauty, the intricate details and storyline are different enough to make it hardly recognizable. Still, the story is intriguing and adventurous. Plus, we get to see the world through Isabelle’s unseeing eyes, gaining perspective and understanding for those who are visually challenged.

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