Stranded 2 Trial By Fire (Jeff Probst)

  • Grandmother Cringe Rating (GCR): 1
  • Pages: 208
  • Ages: 8+
  • # of books in the series: 3

The four step-siblings are still on the island, and still trying to survive. They’re sure that if at least one boat or plane comes by, they can signal it with their signal fire. Until then, they are working hard to have fire, build a shelter, and get enough clean drinking water and food. Only, just when one thing goes right for them, another goes terribly wrong and they have to start again. But through the stress and fears they are facing, they’re beginning to work as a team.

  • Language – None
  • Violence – Stampeding wild boars run through camp. Kids almost fall off a cliff. Their shelter burns down. A girl finds a skeleton of the last island’s resident.
  • Sexuality – None

Another tale of adventure, suspense and intrigue that somehow skirts around the current publishing standards of filthy writing. Thank heavens for authors who write great books, and care about the kids they are writing for.

To purchase this book, click Trial by Fire (Stranded)

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